Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice and Snow Storm of 2011 in North Texas

This is not the first snow of the year. That was back in January. But this time, it is longer and colder.

As of today, we are now on our 4th Snow Day... It started with a freezing rain and sleet. It left roads iced over and enough packed ice that I was able to stand on my grass, literally on top of the blades of them!

It wasn't windy, so the kids were cold, but not freezing. As for my un-gloved hands, they were beet red after 10 minutes of being exposed. Ouch!
We had mini icebergs that trapped water hoses,
and roads that glistened and made cars groan.
the sidewalks were literally higher by an inch or so and perfect for electric slides, if you have proper padding and helmet on.
Of course, the snow wouldn't be outdone. Early morning today, it dumped over 6 inches of snow and as I type, it has started to snow again, making driving, once again, a little bit more difficult.Our backyard wasn't immune to it, between the heating vents and the snow, icicles formed on the gutters.
The kids had to bundle up this time because the snow storm is more biting than the ice storm. The winds were strong enough to dislodge packed snow from tree trunks!Driving is still happening, though avoided as much as one can. Who wouldn't avoid it?

All the while, we enjoyed making crayons, singing, playing online games, doing puzzles, reading, cooking and taking pictures. We celebrated the Year of the Rabbit with a nice table and dinner centered on rice and veggies. We enjoyed chocolate, both hot and in pastries and even in a pie. We enjoyed having a marathon viewing of the Merlin show, Season 2. We enjoyed our gas fireplace and basked in the relief that we have enough toilet paper and training pads for the puppies. We all, pets and us, had enough of what we needed and wanted as in chips, sodas, cheese snacks and marshmallows, you know, the important stuff.

We made sure that we didn't succumb to cabin fever and started the redo of the Master Closet, aka, mine. As of today, it has been gutted, sanded, vacuumed, re-textured and primed. Overall, we just enjoyed being together, safe, cozy and wanting for nothing while it's bleak out.

And so, as of today, we are inside, nice and warm, comfortably living off our stores and enjoying the quiet majesty that is winter...

How's the weather where you're at?


Lara said...

We've gotten about 200 inches of snow already and it's below zero right now! But all that's normal. I can imagine what craziness it caused down there! Still, it looks like you all enjoyed it anyway!

Jewel Allen said...

Hi! Just a week ago, I was wishing for some snow but I think I am ready for spring. It's starting to warm up...we're up to the 50's now :-).

Btw, I just finished revising a new novel, BLEMISH, about a 17 year old socialite in 18th century Philippines who is diagnosed with Hansen's Disease (leprosy). Would you be interested in reading for me? Let me know. Thanks.

Chandy said...

It certainly did wreak some havoc over here. Driving on ice is not fun at all! And shoveling? Wow! I was hurtin' for days!