Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Healthier Me: Day 2

Since today is Sunday, no workout for me, but rather I made sure that I baked my own bread to exercise my arms.

One thing I'll definitely won't do is to do anything drastically. No too small portions, and definitely no skipping meals. No one food diet- I will have the whole pyramid covered in sensible meal plans and enough portion so I'm not sneaking any sugar packets in the middle of the night.

Milk- 2 glasses

Honey Wheat Bread- 2 toasted slices
Laughing Cow Cheese- 1 wedge
Water- 3 glasses

Blackberries-1/2 cup

Oatmeal Wheat Dinner Rolls-2
Beef Barley Soup- 1 bowl
Water- 3 glasses

Fusion Smoothie(fruit and veggie)- 1 glass

I know it takes about a week to lose all water weight, another week for muscles to rip enough for reformation and about a zillion months to shed tummy fat, but if I can get to three weeks of uninterrupted workout-filled, good eating, and water-chugging habits, I know I can reach my goal of going to size 4, fitting in my dream dress, and that much closer to my dream date:

Going to an opera and a fancy dinner
Dressed formal and in heels


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