Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Little Update... And Gratitude Time

Ok, so I'm so behind on blogging. Let's see if we can catch everyone up.

As for Fall Desserts; I've made... Brownies and Cakes for Halloween, Smoothies and Sorbet in October.

This is our transformed Foyer, as you come in...
What awaited the trick or treaters, another table... full of sweets!

Dinner was quite colorful with accompanying "gross" menu! Perfect for Halloween! "Sausaged" Thumbs, Alien Worms, Meteorite Brownies, Moldy Quiche, Bewitched Cake Squares with Slime and Witch's Brew! Mwah-ha-ha-ha!

These were from 2008 collection at our local Kroger that I got between 75-90% off! The Canopy Red solid plates, from Walmart.

As far as Cooking, I finally tried making quiche and quickly found out that I like the basic kind, eggs and cheese only. I've also made several types of omelettes. Can you say great deal on eggs? Woot!

I've been on Shopping Hiatus on my own; only buying food items we absolutely need and it's been almost 2.5 weeks. I've made so many dishes and I'm getting pretty fast on prepping and cooking.

Tonight, I made Braised Beef Ribs with Root Veggies over Garlic Couscous and the whole meal cost me, less than $3.oo! For recipe, click on link.

Ok, since it is November once again, it is time to highlight what I am grateful for:
1. After 14 years of marriage, we finally have our own home and we totally love it!

2. We have enough holiday decor from previous years to not shop for anything new this year. How exciting it is to see our old decorations in our new home and how well they fit in.

3. My family who is loving our home as much as I am.

We feel quite blessed...

I hope you're having a great week...

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