Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Set of Babies For Me!

If you can imagine taking on two unbelievably adorable purebreed Shi Tzus, then it's like having two more babies in the house.

We have always talked about having a dog. For so many years, after playing with or seeing cute, small, big and gorgeous dogs, we would come back and have one unreachable gift we utter: "We should get a dog for Christmas." It was no different this year; except our Christmas wish was realized two days ago when one of Mr. Man's co-worker gave us two! Totally FREE!!! The biggest and the runt of the litter. Two balls of energy. Two boys.

Since we've been all about Mythology here later, the bigger one was named ZEUS and the little one, was named PERCY. Ring a bell? LOL

Without further ado... ZEUS and PERCY!

ZEUS (Gray, brown and white-all fluff) / PERCY (Black and white-petite)

Mr. Man introducing our cockatiel, Dexter to the new members of our family. Cece, our cat is still waiting for the verdict of she likes them or not. Hee hee...
I-Dude and J-Pony totally surprised when they came home from school and discovered the puppies! And instantly fell in love!
We are so grateful for these puppies; they are adorable and quickly made us fall in love with them. Sometimes, a family is never complete until a barking furball come scuttling behind you.

To say a big THANK YOU to Chad and his family for these cuties, I baked them Chocolate Almond Bread. Hope they like it!

Enjoy your pets! They need love, too!