Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SH Day 3- Oodles & Noodles!

Oodles of talents, that's what! J-Pony had her very first Activity Days Talent Show tonight. It was amazing! The girls are oozing with talents-from singing to dancing to instruments and skits! J-Pony participated in a skit and she also played Ode to Joy in her recorder. Very well I might add...

Then, we came home and we made dinner. A little late, and the kids had dessert first (after the Talent Show, were treats), but since L-Infinity came home with 5 medals last Saturday, we decided to make something rich and inexpensive at the same time! A "Blue Plate Special" moment!

Tonight's dinner was for L's accomplishment last Saturday and for announcing that her AC/DEC team- made it to STATE! They'll be competing in Houston the last weekend of this month!

So, I made... SS Pasta! SS for Spinach and Shrimp on a top of a boatload of pasta. Ok, only one package but it was so rich you'd think one plate is unmanageable! This is my "quick to impress" dish that gets made in a jiffy!

Food Budget Trick: Since we do grocery shopping every two weeks, the same items we buy are considered paid for by the third week. So if a pantry or fridge item's dated 3 weeks or older, we consider it FREE since the food budget's been replaced. Also, frozen veggies are strictly budgeted for the normal sale price of the area for inexpensive stock up. (here, $1 a bag)

Ok, here's what I used and how much:
Barilla Thin Spaghetti (1 pkg, sale)---99 cents
Shrimp, 1/3lb. ($3.99/lb)--------- $1.33
1/2 bag frozen Spinach ($1 bag)---- 50 cents
1 cup margarine ($3.49 qt)----------87 cents
1 cup milk ($2.29 gal)-------------- 14 cents
1/2 cup grated parmesan (Costco 2-pk, Jan)-FREE
Apple cider (Target 2-gal, Jan)-FREE

.99 + 1.33 + .50 + .87 + .14 = $3.83 / 5 = 77 cents a plate! Yeah! That "$10 Dinners" show host has nothing on me! LOL


The Garden of Egan said...

That looks delish! I think you should go on TV and show that guy up!

Chandy said...

Ha ha! Tauna you are so cute!