Monday, February 22, 2010

Academic Family

Sometimes, good luck strikes you once, sometimes, twice. But in our case, good luck hit three times:

Our children, L-Infinity(17), J-Pony(10) and I-Dude(7) all came in differing circumstances by the time they were born though all were C-section babies and breastfed for two years minimum. All walked within 12 months. Only two managed cow's milk, while one couldn't handle dairy at all without breaking out in hives with other food allergies and respiratory episodes. But the glaring things they all have in common are their individual and similar academic prowess.

-Started reading at or just after each turned 2 years old
-Strong ROTE learners, but adaptive to 7 intelligences practice
-Have multiple artistic outlets (singing, drawing, origami, dancing, dimensional art)
-Are avid readers and share the love of the same titles
-Are strong Spellers and have high aptitude for Math
-Qualified and are enrolled in GATE or LEAP (TX) programs
-Are actively involved in school activities (Multi-Cultural Night, Choir, STUCO, Safety Patrol, NHS, AC/DEC)
-Received multiple A Honor Rolls and consistently within the Top 10% of their Grades
-Represented their schools or class (Spelling Bee, Geography Bowl, AC/DEC, UIL)
-Had been hand-picked for advanced programs in school
-Tutored classmates and peers over various subjects
-Helped peers learn how to read or read better

Mr. Man and I, very early on in our marriage established a house of learning and a house of faith. Our tactics were simple: supplement and challenge; redirect and expect focus; talk, listen and learn along with them. That means we work together in giving them the best advantage and push them to their potential while avoiding the damage of over-parenting.

Our parenting style is as typical as most LDS households- strict, traditional, family and cultural-oriented but always fair...

I don't brag about my children academically (though I share them) because good grades and high accomplishments are part of their lives. But if I am to brag about anything about them, is that they also share a love for the simple life that we live and do not get caught up (too much) in what others have that they don't.

To my children, I will always be grateful. Their presence in my life are continuous proof that THERE IS A LIVING, LOVING AND INTELLIGENT GOD.

I couldn't ask for anything more...


The Garden of Egan said...

You sound like you've done an awesome job of parenting those kiddos!

Chandy said...

Thank you, Tauna! I feel that sometimes...

Ma and Pa said...

Wow that is awesome!!

I tried to get my oldest daughter to learn the ABC's and she just wouldn't have it. That is neat that all of your kids had a desire to read and love books so young.

What a blessing.

Chandy said...

Thank you! I am amazed everytime I realize it...

sanjeet said...

That is neat that all of your kids had a desire to read and love books so young.

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Lara said...

You are such a wonderful example to me of what a mother should be.

I have much to learn.

Go you!

Chandy said...

Sanjeet and Lara, thank you so much for the comments. I don't know about being a great example, but I'm definitely one grateful spectator and fan! LOL

sanjeet said...

Thank you, Tauna! I feel that sometimes...

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