Monday, February 15, 2010

FHE: Extended Valentine

Last night was a great dinner, but as often what happens with holidays, Mr. Man and I end up having an "extension" to our celebratin's!

With the leftovers from the giftcards we got last Christmas, we hit Olive Garden for lunch! Can't beat a FREE lunch (Again, thanks, Mom and Dad!)

We both had the "Tour of Italy" (Chicken Parmigiana, Lasagna and Fettucine Alfredo) fare and what a choice it was! The soup that came with it, "Potato with Sausage" became one of my instant faves!
ABC News.

Then we went home and gathered the kids to the next phase our extended Valentine's Day celebration- to see this movie we've been waiting for:

It was worth the wait though justifiably, we were disappointed that the movie's creative license condensed much of the back story that made the book series, "hard to put down".

It's a rare opportunity for us to have Monday FHE (Family Home Evening) because of Mr. Man's current work schedule, but having an FHE is what's important to us. Family time is very important to us and we savor each week we get to put that FHE stamp on it, helping to infuse its blessings and divine importance to each of our children...

How do you keep up with FHE in your home?

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