Thursday, October 1, 2009

Too Many Things

Get in the way of just enjoying mundane moments...

If you've been on Facebook lately, all I've been managing to do to relax and exhale is to play there. Wasting some braincells. Or trying to recover some. In between that, family, all three levels of school (elementary, highschool, college)

I did say back then that we're only going to be here, at least in this unit, for 2 years. Well, that was back in June 2009. We're still here... That's all about to change!

From now until December 31st, we are focusing on:
- New church callings
- New work schedule
- College applications and letters of recommendation
- Holidays
- Packing

From Jan to Sep:
- New work schedule
- New church callings
- New church time
- Packing extra stuff
- Looking for a house to either rent or buy
- Prom or No Prom decision
- Waiting for college acceptance letters
- Graduation (5th grade and highschool)
- Becoming 11
- Middle school and college dorms
- Packing everything else
- Trip to either California or Utah (Stanford or BYU)
- Moving

But until the big wave of changes hit this Monday, we are just enjoying Fall and being together...


Mandi said...

Alright, Carolyn - I'm way out of the look here. What is your new calling at church, and where/when are you guys moving to?

Lara said...

Good luck with everything! Change can certainly be crazy!

Kado! said...

enjoy it! I love this time of year!

MnM said...

Hi Carolyn, boy I can relate with how busy things are! And I too take any moment I can to relax and do some sort of diversion to get me through it. Otherwise I would lose my mind!
Hang in there!

Eldredge Family said...

WOW! I have never had so many big decisions to make! Good luck and enjoy the journey....come what may and love get the idea! I say yes to PROM!!

Hansonpatch said...

When did Lisa grow up? I thought she was still just 14! Time flies that is for sure, and talk about change. I hope everything goes well for you guys, and that you are abundantly blessed this coming year.

Chandy said...

I know and glad you all think so, too!