Saturday, October 31, 2009

Best Halloween Yet!

We had a wonderful Halloween! It was packed with everything, but ended on a great note! Of course, it'll be wonderful, candies are involved, c'mon!

First, it was attending the PolserFest at the kiddos school where J-Pony performed with her 5th grade Choir group at the end. They sounded great and looked oh-so-cute in their costumes of choice.
Look, even the Choir director is Snow White!
Then it's on to the fun (creepy and scary) part! *cackling*
Here's our 2009 version for our ward's Trunk or Treat... Notice the skeleton has two set of eyes in each eye socket! Clever placement on my part. ;-) Recognize the background, Walmart, people!
How do you like it? Gumby wants to know! He relieved my hubby after Mr. Man decked out our trunk. People came up and took pictures of both the car and Gumby. L-Infinity became an instant celebrity! Hee hee...
(Most of the children didn't know what Gumby was and when he would mention he was a clay cartoon, the confused looks were hilarious to see!)
Ta-da! Of course, we would have a jack-o somewhere in the trunk and the spiders we got this year to spin this web must have been on steroids! ;-D While the ghosts decided to float down to sniff the bloodied roses. Aaaahhh.... Halloween aura, it's everywhere!
Even I-Dude couldn't help but pose with Gumby, he was an instant hit with our family.
The bloody rose and coveted candies... Only on Halloween can both be so beautiful...(lol)
The girls had to have their turn with Gumby. L-Infinity was some sort of fairy this year, a zombie one I think. *wink*
Of course the photographer has to be in the picture, too! After all, she is married to Gumby!
See?! It's Mr. Man the whole time! Didn't he look great as Gumby? Love that man! And J-Pony in the background, too!

In the evening, we decided to "haunt" our fave neighborhood for their sweet scares- my collectors, my two ninjas, Dragon and Leather, aka J-Pony and I-Dude.
Oh look at that... Proof that they were trick-or-treating! (Made you look!)
Some homes really get decked out for Halloween. I'd love for us to do that with our own place someday...
And some just love the simplicity of having trick or treaters come by.
Awww... Gumby, aka Mr. Man, came with us again. He loved waving to everyone who either recognized him or wanted to know what he was. It was great!
It was a perfect night; the weather was clear and not too cold. Walking was invigorating though my feet ached by the time we were done since I've been on my feet the whole day!
This is our fave house to stop at this time of year- the owners are just such huge Halloween fans!

"Hope you all had a Safe and Happy Halloween!"


kado! said...

i thought everyone knows who Gumby is...but i bet my kids don't....I'll have to ask them!

the kids look great!

Chandy said...

LOL Thanks! It was fun just watching people figure out who was this massive green thing walking by.