Monday, October 26, 2009

Thirteen (13) Years of Bliss

Hello! I'm just excited to be able to have time to blog again today. Not consistently just yet as we are in the middle of several big projects towards another move next year.

Today, since we all had a late night, our breakfast date became a lunch date. Mr. Man treated me to one of the nice upscale bbq place in Dallas called Dunston's Prime Steakhouse that SWA employees go to for all occasion. (Look at that dining room!)

(Photo courtesy of Dallas Dines Out dot com)

Again, we had a romantic moment: we were seated on the backwall where all the booths were and in the middle. We were the only ones on that wall... Left alone to enjoy our time together, to talk about life, together... We had the typical bbq lunch selection: bbq, potatoes, salad, soda, but the atmosphere and the great price... The bbq was nothing short of delish! I was in total awe that I forgot to have the server take our picture. Maybe next year... or next time since Mr. Man wants to take me there again (I say, "yay!")

The above was their bbq pit; the mesquite logs are both fired and cooled here; notice the ice cubes? The inside is naturally dark, so I took a risk by having the flash on to capture this part of the restaurant. It was worth it! Below is the entrance... Doesn't that fire just beckon you to sit down and relax? I was blown away for sure!
Like most young couples starting out, we were dirt poor, but Mr. Man and I have always admired good restaurants and imagine what it would be like to sample their menu. Each year, for the first 9 years, and our 11th year, though without any funds, we would imagine the next year and the real possibility of going to such places. I love Chinese and seafood and he loves a good steak, so this year, after pinching enough pennies (and I mean, pinching!) to afford two restaurants that he wanted to try, were gifts that we have both sacrificed for, to give each other.

I don't like jewelry much, and I'm too practical to accept just any household gift and too lazy to shop to pin down any store GC. I'm a flowers girl, but being married to Mr. Man who is practical and loves restaurants, I've learned to not expect flowers and chocolate. I get my own during the holidays or as centerpiece when I can afford it or on occasional splurge. He has probably bought and brought me more pens than he's ever thought of flowers. I have chocolate hidden in our bedroom that it's no longer a special item so just being able to go out by ourselves have been our annual vow renewal, and each penny we spend becomes that much more valuable to us...

Here's a caption of our past anniversary celebrations.

1st year- I cooked and shared the top of our wedding cake. That was so much fun!

2-9 years- we just stayed in, I cooked or we saw a movie; also because we moved several times.

10th- he earned his free stay at the Phoenician Resort where he used to work, and we were treated to a wonderful and romantic day of luscious seafood, mouthwatering steaks, desserts to die for, romantic music and the room was next to a waterfall in a secluded part of the villas. It was magical! All for FREE!!! (There was no way we could have afforded The Phoenician let alone the food!)

11th- I cooked and we watched a movie together over ice cream

12th- We went to Maggiano's, a fine Italian restaurant. Of course, we both had something with shrimp. ;-)

Ok, onto the bliss part... We love our life together, despite challenges that befall any marriage. We always come out more in love with another with each passing year.

Each anniversary, I am filled with sheer gratitude to have landed such a wonderful man. In the Philippines, we have a saying, "it doesn't matter if all we have is salt, as long as we are together." That's how I feel about my husband, I'll do anything for him, go anywhere with him. Sure, there's Valentine's in February, but for us, our wedding anniversary is ours, no one else's and it is our time to reassess, review and relive what makes us, us.

Mr. Man has always been my rock, my hero that always knew he wanted to give me the world. He once told me that if he can give me the stars and the moon, he would because he loves me. That was the very first time he's ever told me he loved me and I remember that statement with every "I love you". I couldn't imagine my life without him nor will there ever be anyone after him- hence my threat (though lovingly) "he simply can't die." ;-)

Being with him opened up different sides of who I am; every day, he helps me believe and have faith that my Heavenly Father sees me as a special soul.

"Happy 13th wedding anniversary, Mahal. Every day with you brings me that much closer to the stars and the moon... I love you."


Liz said...

I have been watching "the little mermaid alot these days but your post reminds of the words......."she really does love him doesn't she Sebastian"! The the king of sea turns her into a human princess! I wonder if heaven is like that? I am so happy that you are so happy!

Hansonpatch said...

We truly were made to come in pairs, and it sounds like you two were made for each other. I feel like writing like this about R all the time, but when I do it just doesn't capture or convey the depth of my feeling or the amazing man he is. Your post is beautiful, and I am guessing that as much as it portrays your love for one another it is like my posts, just the tip of a very large iceburg. Congrats on Thirteen years of marriage, and here is to infinitely more!

kado! said...

happy anniversary! That is amazing you remember where you ate at each anniversary! I'm not sure i do...but our Anniversary, my birthday, his birthday and Mothers day are all within a week and a things get jumbled around!

That is why i miss Vegas so much..the food and restaurants...i know they say Manhattan has great restaurants..but seriously they have nothing on Vegas....We ate SO good there!

So glad you enjoyed you guys enjoyed your date! Here's to many more in the future!

Jewel/Pink Ink said...

How sweet!! Congratulations on your lucky 13!

Chandy said...

Thanks, ladies! You're the best! I do feel lucky! ;-)

The Fajdich Times said...

Happy Anniversay. You both sound so sweet:)

Chandy said...

Thank you so much!