Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Being Sick... And Wet!

No, the two are not directly connected but more consequential of each other.

My kids have been sick; first it was J-Pony, then I-Dude a little bit. Then L-Infinity and her friend Kila. Now it's I-Dude again. It's been exhausting in so many levels. Between Mr. Man's new Houston shift and these "way too often" rainy/stormy days here in our area, I am really at the edge of my seat from going nuts! Plus complicate that with the "99.5F fever" minimum by the school district rule of keeping kids home. When all the kids are home during the weekends, it's like dodging a mine field. Coughing, spitting, sniffling and temp checks. Soups, sandwiches, medicines and time tables- aaaaahhhhh!!!

Facebook, unfortunately, no longer enough to kill brain cells to keep me from screaming, but at the same time, I'm glad that my kids know they can feel comfortable staying home when they are sick and that they'll be cared for. Talking to Kila, L-Infinity's friend and now staying with us, she revealed how her mom just hands her stuff when she gets sick. She didn't even know what they were! I had to have her call and verify before we headed out to CVS. It turned out to be just Nyquil and Aspirin but the horror of not knowing what she's been taking really got me.

I'm the kind of mom who pesters doctors with what works with my children, what each medication really does and remembers what medications do/not do for my children. I'm a stickler for medication schedule so not to overdose. I can't imagine my beloved ones just taking whatever out there to get rid of a cough or a cold when they couldn't take it anymore. Or the possibility of being left alone until they felt better.

Going off to a subject close to my heart, I know most in our society are still conflicted on having women stay home and be domestic especially the last century, but for me, there was no contest. I wanted to stay home to be with my children as long as we can afford to. How blessed and grateful I am to have found a husband who feels the same way and works with me now more than ever to continue this decision.

People I knew before I was LDS (Mormon) used to say, "Mr. Man must make a lot to keep you at home." And when I tell them otherwise, it's almost an unbelievable concept to them. Even my own family thought that I'm being naive by not going back to work. I'm not naive; far from it. This was a decision that we made even before we wed and one that is fulfilling to me, despite all the normal hassles and what others deem as hampering to my potential. I will go back to work someday, but not now. Not when my children rely on hearing my voice when they come home and have grown up not needing an extra key when school's in session.

I highly respect working moms; I used to be a working single mom myself and worked part time before I was pregnant with J-Pony, but this is where I belong for now and I couldn't be more satisfied. There's no other opportunity for me where I would have had more time to: read both for myself and to my children, keep up with their progress in all areas, learn to bake, indulge in my love of table top designs, cook, learn to do crafts, learn more about Excel, go back to college and learn how to entertain and be a great hostess. So I guess you can say, I learned more the last 12 years, than I ever did working. I'm speaking for myself and I couldn't more pleased...


Hansonpatch said...

I think you made the right decision and I know your kids will benefit from it. I hope everyone is better soon.

Chandy said...

Me, too... Me, too...

Jewel/Pink Ink said...

That's great that you are at peace with your decision to stay at home. Your kids are very lucky to have you and your devotion.

I'm sorry you have had sick kids. I hope you all get better soon. We've had our share of illnesses but so far, Mom has been spared (knock on wood).

Have a great rest of the week!

Chandy said...

Thanks, Jewel!