Sunday, July 4, 2010

What a Wonderful Week...

... this has been! We got so much done and had tons of FUN, too!

As many of you know, we are busy:

Maintaining the exterior: foundation soaking, lawn trimming and watering plants. Mr. Man and I cleaned up the cuttings last Monday night. What a great alone time together though the buggies thought our legs were yummy... :-(

Organizing and decorating... (using Feng Shui of course)- still a work in progress as you can see. This past Monday, the kiddos and I tackled the Living room and waited out the thunderstorm by candlelights... I'm between finishing up the Family and Master Bed ROOMS, so here you go... Can't wait to put up some curtains to soften up this room! The color, still being decided on.

We changed our backdoor cover shade from green to red as this is our SOUTH-facing door (Fame and Recognition/Fire/Red wall)

Since it rained yesterday, we also baked some... (and opened all the windows to enjoy the cool, wet air- very nice to relax and do Sudoku by...)
I-Dude is concentrating- he wanted all that flour to be sifted just right. ;-)
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies! (My own recipe! Really yummy! Isn't that batter just delish?) L had an impromptu "scavenger hunt/movie" fun with her church friends so these were one of their movie snacks. They loved 'em!

Today, we watched the whole Book 3 of the Avatar series, J-Pony made lunch (the other two helped), we walked to and from the park and since we got caught in the rain, we decided to play for a little while longer!
L-Infinity took the picture but she was with us when the rain, lots of it, came. It was a great moment to share with my kids, as I used to look forward to those Manila rainstorms so I can play, just like we did today! (Mr. Man barely woke up and he was peeking from our Master bay window! lol

I wonder what next week will bring! I can't wait See ya then!


Hansonpatch said...

Oh boy do I wish I was there to play in the rain! I can't wait for the day when I can move to a rain drenched location and walk surrounded by greenery and the sound of a good thunderstorm! I hope you were able to splash in a few good puddles :-) Those cookies look wonderful.

Chandy said...

Yeah, we all had a great time! I'd love to see more rain for sure!