Thursday, April 29, 2010


Whoever said OVERTIME is great because of $$$, I so don't agree right now! This warehouse job requires mandatory OT on the weekends and a minimum of 2 hours a night!

My quality of life, shot! I am so blessed to have older children that can take care of themselves now. A husband so supportive and sweet, I think I have a toothache! LOL

My ears, bleeding! Between the vulgarity and blatant "cultural shut-out", I'm begging for earplugs!

My body, total Jell-O! I've lost some inches and pounds, but I also lost the ability to get out of bed on my own unless I have a very good reason to- like making sure the kids get to the bus stop! Up from 5:45 AM to 2, sometimes 3AM, not a good mix by Day 5!!!

*sighing loudly to relax*

We'll see how this job fares in the next few months... The upside, I got my first paycheck- all messed up, but still I got one, after 14 long years of managing my hubby's paychecks, it was quite gratifying to see one in my name again... ;-)

Ooooohhhhh! We finally have a new front door lock! Yes, it's a big deal for this "I'd rather save the money" lady! And I found EXACTLY the one I want, for $100 less on clearance! Yeah! Mr. Man installed it last night and it was such a great feeling to see it on our door that he also had to fix properly. Now that it's all planed out to make the lock fit flush, I can't wait to go to the paint section of Lowe's or HD and change out the whole door! Woohoo!!!


Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like life is chaos right now.
Hope you are able to keep up.
Be sure to take care of you.
Love your kids and hubby and let the small stuff go.

Chandy said...

Great advice, Tauna. Trying to keep that in mind 24/7. Thanks for the reminder, I so need it in all fronts... :-)

Lara said...

Oh dear, sounds awful!

I will be thinking of you and hope it gets better! Get some rest....I'm sure your family understands.

Hansonpatch said...

Well, in my experience the busiest times are the ones you look back on with fondness, although not usually while your in them. Maybe you can take the vulgarity issue to your supervisor?

kado! said...

sounds busy but worth it!

Justine Clark said...

Sounds hectic, but, you'll get though it some how. Take time for just you to recoup and don't forget vitamins...Lots of luck on the door color I read somewhere that yellow is a great color if your selling your house.