Sunday, April 18, 2010

Homeownership- A whole new fun!

Sorry for not being around much (but then again, who's reading this, right?)

Well... 3 weeks into being a homeowner and we've already encountered:

-door knobs and locks that need to be adjusted and changed.
-dead garage door motor due to a stripped out gear
-carpenter ants in the Master under a window sill
-tons of debris from the ceiling re-texturing
-window screens that have holes or not square any longer
-changing out the lower kitchen pulls to save our clothes from getting ripped
-having the master ceiling fan break and needed to be replaced
-needing to change out one of the kids' bedroom carpet because the previous owners' dogs peed on it and when we cleaned the spots, the smell is now worse!
-needing to change out the Master Bath window to one that can be opened since the fan and the vent don't dry out the air as well as we hoped.
-the shower leaks on to the tub and need to be re-caulked.
-the yard needing immediate attention because of the weeds. (thanks to my in-laws and friend Amy who gave us their lawn mower, it looks great now!)
-saving up for a new front door knob/lock set for obvious safety issues.
-pricing out security alarm systems for the same reason.

*dizzy* from all the responsibility, but *giddy* from knowing this is our house...

Oh yeah, I'm working now, too! That's for another post...

Til' next post!


Eldredge Family said...

I am still so happy for you! But wow you are making me dizzy!

Chandy said...

LOL. I'm so glad you feel it, too!

kado! said...

it is SO much fun, huh!!!

so happy for you!

Garden of Egan said...

Wow! It looks like you have had your hands full.
I'm so excited to see pictures.
Anxious for your next post and the details of your job.

Chandy said...

Hello Kado and Tauna! The house is great! Aside from the sideline adventures, we so love it!

The job is great, too, but I wish it wasn't too much of a grunt work. *sigh*