Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quiz Interrupted

Sounds like a movie title, huh? LOL

No really! I had an essay and quiz due today but for some odd reason, I kept getting interrupted. Valid ones, too. No sleep, neighbors, kids, teenage social life, three meals, other people's problems, etc., etc.

I feel so relieved that my essay was mainly done last night and I just had to polish it off but my quiz alone, which my instructor thought an hour would be enough, certainly didn't account for my scenario tonight. While doing my quiz, I was and had to be pulled away not three, not four, not even five, but seven different times!

Between multiple phonecalls, texting necessities, neighbor interaction/mediation, a possibly lost teenager, plus a needed-to-be-solved flight dilemmas, I managed to finish it with only one missed question. Whew! And turn in my essay with at least two hours to spare. *woot woot*

Oh yeah, and I now need to go to Reno tomorrow to solve the flight dilemma. Wow, one crazy day and "poof!" You're booking a flight to Reno. ;-)

More on this dilemma later, I've got to sleep. Church tomorrow.


Lara said...

I don't know if I could be in school as a mom! I think you're amazing!

Good luck!

Hansonpatch said...

Way to go for the quiz! What about Reno? Sounds like an interesting story. I am amazed that you overcame all of that to finish what you needed to. I think you are amazing as well.

Chandy said...

Thanks Lara and Ann!It's one of those mandatory thing/pressure cooker kind of adrenaline rush! LOL

Hansonpatch said...

Where is waldo or Carolyn for that matter? You haven't posted in a while and that is not like you. I hope everything is O.K.

Chandy said...

Still here, just haven't had time to do what I want to do since I keep getting "interrrupted". LOL