Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daily Posting, What's That?: A Week in Review

Sorry Lara, I tried, I really tried... But I just couldn't do it- daily posting... ;-)

How last week fared:

(Heart-pounding beauty; I had a window seat)

Sunday- church; come home, eat, fly to Reno to pick up BFF Sheila (Charlie sent her an expired Buddy Pass and it was cheaper (FREE) for me to deliver it in person.) Two hours before I leave, L-Infinity gets a call and asks if we can let her school friend Kila bunk with us for a while. Nodded yes, packed, waited for Mr. Man, left and on the plane for 6-7 hours. Had late dinner with BFF at the Pepper Mill. Took a tour of Virginia Street. Got 1 hour of sleep.

(After dinner tour)

Monday- Woke up at 4am; go to Sheila's work (Harrah's) to catch the shuttle to the airport. First ones there. Too sleepy to have any cohesive conversation with Sheila. *zzz...*Got in to Dallas at 4pm; Costco run for dinner and boxes for Kila's things. Made dinner and sped to L-Infinity's School Open House. Sheila is in for a long week! And me... *sigh*

(In Cobb Switch)

Tuesday-Errand day!!! Picked up J-Pony from school (scratchy throat, dizziness). Cleaned up house, laundry and Walmart and Albertson's trips. Mr. Man and I took Sheila out to lunch at Cobb Switch. Yummy! FHE with the whole family dinner focused on educating Kila on the house rules. "Family first right along with the Gospel" and utmost respect for food and dining (No lewd topics!)

(At Cici's with the kiddos; L was at her AC DEC obligation)

Wednesday- More errands! Sheila and I took Charlie to the airport. Got Sheila started on FB FarmVille. Instant addiction! LOL Went to Cici's for the kiddos fundraising dinner.

Thursday- Woke up at 7am, rushed the kids out. L and Kila missed the bus. Sheila and I dropped them off and picked up J again (throat & tummy). Remedied with breakfast and Halls, but kept her home for further observation. Kohl's and Walmart, twice (left two bags behind).

(See, isn't that a big goose egg?)

Friday- Kohl's, practice run to Dallas, Lewisville and Irving. Picked up I-Dude from school. He was accidentally pushed from behind and he fell on the gym floor, forehead first. BIIIIIG goose egg! Good thing, his doctor, "Dr. Sis." Fowers examined him thoroughly and gave him an all-clear. Back to icing the "egg". Nurse at his school, O-V-E-R-W-H-E-L-M-E-D! Squeezed in some mall time.
(Sheila shopping for "Texas" souvenirs)

Saturday- Woke up at 4am again. Sheila's time to go home, She drove the van and texted me at every leg of her journey. Talked to her about 7-10 times. *breathing better* Got back to Reno safely. Finished 3 Advanced Excel homeworks and a quiz plus a Sociology essay on Religious and Women As Minorities- challenges and observations (had a week to finish them, but only a day to spare). *maximum sighing occured*

I feel so bad she didn't get to see north Texas but from the van or inside common stores. I can't wait to have a less hectic schedule, bigger space, and a house!

Hope you all had a better week than I did!

Tonight, it was nice to actually play in FB just to zone out...


Kado! said...

they have a Pepper Mill in Reno??? I though it was only in Vegas....they have GOOD FOOD there! (at least in Vegas) I did not know there were more of them! How funny!

Eldredge Family said...

I felt very tired just trying to keep up with all yo do in one week! How fun to have a good friend come and visit with you!

Hansonpatch said...

Whew! What a week you have had! Glad that ?maybe? your week might slow down, but at the same time what fun!

Lara said...

You're so funny, Carolyn! There is no need to be apologizing to me...I'm not doing so hot on the daily posting lately either. Life is busy!

Looks like you had a wonderful fun!

Chandy said...

Hello all! You all just so made my day!