Sunday, March 21, 2010

Packing, Packing and more Packing!

I can hear you saying... "As if she doesn't know any other word lately." But that is the ugly truth right now- we are packing every little thing we can think of and organizing while reducing at the same time.

To keep us sane, we also look for opportunities to serve, spend time together and hope (while quietly chanting the Spring dance) for the sun to stick around longer than a few days.

IT IS MADDENING!!! All the packing, chaos and errands to close up gaps in our move. I'm both having cabin fever and wanderlust boredom. I don't like being out but I also can't stand being indoors when I hear happy voices soaking up the beautiful day. Oh well... I've endured many a Spring time packing, but how I wish that this would be our last- for a long while...

Ok... So who's with me? One, two, three! Cross your fingers!


See ya!


Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like a big ugly job! Especially when there are other things you would like to do.
Hopefully it will go smoothly!

MnM said...

Oh boy, that is exactly what we went through last week! I had exactly one week to get my entire house packed up and moved. Talk about crazy! Good luck to you guys. Where are you moving to?